Dog Day Care

The Whole Pup’s philosophy is: “A tired pup is a good pup!” Nothing will wear your pooch out faster than a day at The Whole Pup’s day care. Your pup gets to come and play with a bunch of other pup friends in a safe and clean environment and you can come home at the end of a long work day to a tired dog that is ready for some snuggle time with you!

Day Care is open Monday-Friday 6:30AM-6:30PM and Saturday 8:00AM-6:00PM.

About Dog Day Care

When you choose The Whole Pup’s day care, you are choosing the best!   All training members complete a rigorous training program where they learn about dog behavior, training, safety and first aid.   We keep our pack sizes manageable; we maintain a calm and happy pack of pups because…

Chaos does not reign at The Pup!

All the pups that stay with us must follow a few basic rules that are reinforced consistently—no jumping, biting, excessive barking or bolting through doors.   Of course, most dogs enjoy barking a little when they are playing and that is just fine, but excessive barking is not allowed.  We keep a separate area especially for our smaller guests, so they don’t have to compete with our bigger guests.

While your pup is playing all day at The PUP, you can add on a variety of services such as training reinforcement, bath and brush, toe nail trims and tooth brushing—then you can come home to a tired, smart AND clean pup!

Day Care Prices:

The Whole Pup has also been accepted as a member of the Premera Blue Cross Employee Perks Program. Employees get 15% off our original prices.

Affordable daily rates and packages available, please call (425) 776-3083 for current pricing.

Ask about our new 30 Consecutive Day Package!

Daycare trial day requires enrollment form, signed authorization form, current vaccination records, negative fecal test of internal parasites, Bordetella vaccine and dogs must be spayed or neutered.

Enrollment and Authorization Form


Other Services

  For more information, prices, and appointments call (425)776-3083. (with or without Day Care, by appointment only)
Bath and Brush  
Double-coated dogs  
Ear Cleaning  
Sanitary Trim  
Nail Trims  
Tooth Brushing  
Express Anal Glands  
Dog walking 1 mile  
Dog walking 2 mile  


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