Your dog jumps on you because, early on when you brought your canine home to be a part of your family they were rewarded for jumping.  By being rewarded I simply mean – they received your attention, that’s it in a nut shell.  Canine’s typically want your attention and will do anything to get it.  They are opportunistic and will seize the moment to get what they want…your attention.  If you have pet them etc. when they jump on you then they will most likely do the behavior (jumping) again because it worked…they got your attention.  When you arrive home, have your dog sit or be calm with all four paws on the floor before giving them attention.  If they start jumping, turn your back to them until they are calm and then greet them.  Remember, calm begets calm and excitement begets excitement, if you want your dog to be calm then you need to set the example.


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