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Devi After adopting my little 25 pound ball of energy I realized she needed to release some of that energy constructively.She goes to The Whole Pup one day a week and absolutely loves it. She has made friends, has lots of fun and most impressive, she has learned so much. The folks at The Pup are fabulous with the attention they give the dogs and the way they work basic manners training into the day. My girl has also learned how to socialize with the other dogs, something she was lacking when we started. Daycare at The Whole Pup is a great way to help keep your dog happy and healthy! 

– J Linn and Devi

Annabelle Our Annabelle loves her “home away from home,” The Whole Pup. She runs for the door of TWP and her morning hug from Cindi.  She has made many BFFs, both with tails and without…I love the attention to detail and the personal care that the staff gives our baby.  Nail trims, feeding the puppy her lunch, and monitoring her behavior throughout the day…all part of the care they provide.I can focus on my work and know that Annabelle is safe and cared for and having a lot of fun with the other pups.We have also taken a puppy class that was a great experience.  Cindi and Cameron especially have been great resources for training help with Annabelle.Thanks so much to all at The Whole Pup, 

– Diane and Chris Pickering

Oliver My first call when Oliver came to live with us was to The Whole Pup.  I needed help integrating a sick puppy into the life of Tully, a 14 year old Lhasa. Oliver received all of his training with TWPand is now a Canine Good Citizen. We even do fungility (we might be slow but we can do the whole course—in Oliver time).Oliver is one of the original Whole Pups at TWPDaycare. We arrived bright and early on 4/16/2007 ready for our new adventure. On the way home after his first day, he was too tired to even lift his head for pats!He loves TWP! Cindi, Cameron, Stacy and Chelsea are the best, and I don’t know what we would do without them. 

– Elizabeth, Oliver, and Tully (who is eternally grateful to TWP for keeping Oliver away all day!)

Cooper The Whole Pup is a wonderful gift to dog owners who desire a well-behaved family pet.The training provided at the Whole Pup teaches your dog to be responsive to your commands and house rules and also teaches you, as a pet owner, the best practices for raising a dog you can be proud of.  The daycare at the Whole Pup is top-notch.  Our dog comes home tired and well socialized after each stay.  We could not do without the Whole Pup! 

– Chris and Nicki Stein

Roxy I have an extremely active and social young Pug who loves going to The Whole Pup.Roxy goes regularly about twice a week, but I often wish I could afford for her to go daily!!! She comes home and takes a nice, long nap after a day of fun with the other dogs.It isn’t easy to find a doggie day care that has a small dog room, and that was an important consideration for me. I also appreciate the extra services you can purchase such as baths, nail trims, teeth brushing and overnight stays at a staff member’s home. The staff members are all true dog lovers who are knowledgeable and caring, as well as lots of fun to be with (for both humans and dogs). You can enjoy a worry-free day when you leave your dog at The Whole Pup. 

– Lyn and Roxy

Holly The staff are so friendly, welcoming to both dogs and parents, helpful, and loving!Our dog, Holly, absolutely LOVES going to the Whole Pup, and would love to go even more often then she does!!  The dogs are all social and friendly, too! 

– Cathy Marinella

A friend recommended The Whole Pup to me and my dog Tater a few months ago. And I am so happy she did.Cindi and the rest of the staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I take Tater to daycare and we recently graduated from a basics training class. We learned a lot and she is doing great with her commands and gets excited every time we arrive at TWP. However, I live in Seattle and driving up to Edmonds is a bit of a trek. So although I am very happy with TWP, a few months ago I started looking for a new place to take Tater. We tried other daycares closer to where I live and work. In my search I came across impatient staff and overcrowded play areas. I just couldn’t find anything that matched the professionalism, courtesy and attention offered at TWP.I now drive the extra miles to TWP with no hesitation; because I care too much about my dog to take her anywhere else. 

– Joel and Tater

  Spider and Lucy were suffering from severe separation anxiety, and could not be left alone while I went to work.  Right before our first day at The Whole Pup, Lucy ruptured her knee and required surgery.  I was desperate, as I could not imagine that they would want to take on a recuperating, high maintenance dog.  Cindi’s response was “Why not?” With the care and love we have ALL received at The Whole Pup, our physical and emotional challenges were resolved, and we became a happier family.  When it was time to say goodbye to Lucy, Cindi, her family and staff, were there to support us.   Spider is excited to go to daycare every day, and I know he’s in loving and capable hands.We love The Whole Pup! 

– Jamie Hubbard

  Booker has been going to The Whole Pup since puppyhood.  To say he LUVES it is an understatement. He starts whining as soon as we pull in – he wants to PLAY with all his friends.  The Whole Pup and their staff are a second family to Booker.  He comes home at night well socialized and tired from a long day of play – How Awesome is that?!!!  Thanks Whole Pup!!!! 

– Leslie B.

  The Whole Pup saved my life!I couldn’t tolerate being left home alone & my owners were at their wits end with figuring out how to keep me safe. My mom’s coworker knew Chelsea & Cindi and recommended we see them.  So, here I am today – alive, well & happy. I love my new family at TWP and feel very lucky that my parents’ spoil me rotten by taking me there to play during the day! 

– Keltan

We and our dog Shelby love the whole pup! It’s her home away from home. Whether just playing with her dog friends during the week or staying overnight when we’re on vacation . . . with the love & care of the whole pup staff it’s a 5 star experience! 

– Margie F.

I bring my beloved pup Enzo to The Whole Pup because these folks really understand all the hard work that goes into turning a good dog into a great one.  I know that our efforts will be complemented, not undermined, when he is there.  Also, they truly love dogs, speak their language and care for our Enzo as if he is their own. 

– Cassandra M.

 Often I work long hours and there is nothing better than having peace of mind knowing Brutus is running and playing all day with his friends! I can be more focused and productive. And at the end of the day, he’s tired and relaxed and we can both unwind together!  

– Sybil S.

The Whole Pup is to my dog what a good spa is to me…she cannot wait until I make that last turn on the mornings she gets to go – she has the route memorized. Ellie is a rescue pup and as such she comes with certain baggage. Cindy and her staff have been absolutely wonderful in the training they have provided to both us and her (and we are much harder to train than she is) and the great experience she has twice a week when she goes on her play dates. When Ellie comes home at night she is so worn out from having played with all her doggie and human friends that she can barely eat supper and make it up onto either of her couches – and then the snoring begins. Their motto is so true – a happy pup is a tired pup. Thank you Whole Pup for loving our Ellie as much as we do. You are an awesome organization.
– Ilona Van Duser

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