You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

We are dedicated to keeping pets and their people together. We teach dog guardians how to train or shape their dog’s behavior through positive reinforcement.

We address most dog issues in the privacy of your home, in a one on one setting with you and your dog. With your dog in familiar surroundings we are able to start the training process immediately.

Over the years we have found dogs learn faster and dog guardians are far less nervous about teaching their dog in the privacy of their own home. The “in home” training is perfect for puppies to older dogs. We do suggest you bring the puppies to a “puppy play group” for socialization. Puppies playing with other puppies is just as important to their physical and mental development as it is teaching your puppy to potty outside.


The Whole Pup offers private In-Home Training.

Private Classes are available

Initial 1st meeting, each additional meeting, and 3 Session Packages are available.
For more information and appointment, call (425)776-3083.

If you have just adopted an older dog or a puppy, building a solid relationship starts the moment you pick them up and bring them home. We would like to help you and your pup get started!

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